*sigh* I haven't updated this blog in so long. I guess I as a person am not very articulate in the written language... of any language... I always have so many thoughts in my head but it passes by too quickly for me to record.

I'll ask myself this... What did I do today?

hm... I didn't have much of an exciting day. Woke up at 10. Tried to study, but to no avail. Then got a call from my cousin saying she's coming over. So I took a shower (yep, smelt so fresh and so clean clean) and got ready. When she got here I got the car out and off we went. Where? To the magical place called... the computer store. She needed to pick up the new laptop. It was a VAIO, and it was red. Wait, before that we went to grab a bite to eat cuz we were both starving. Yay us. Whilst driving, the sounds of Fat Mike blared in the background. (personal highlight: The Man I Killed). Then due to some unforseen circumstance, I wound up back at home. Yadda yadda yadda... (skipping all the boring parts, which is all of the above and more) it's six o'clock and I was too lazy to climb up 2 flights of stairs to get to my room to store my stuff so I opened the front bedroom door and there sat Mr. A****, a friend of the family back when I lived in Lincoln. Whoops. (shoot, it's not my fault nobody told me we had a guest) Of all people to have visited (if at all)... I didn't expect him. Nice surprise... as it turns out, he is now the head inspector of the food treatments in Carrefour in addition to being a professor at IPB. Bizzarre is it not? I thunk it. He came to Jogja to inspect the workers, to see if they were following procedures in food handling (which he found out some were not). So what he did was, he strolled around the supermarket pretending to be shopping, when in fact he had a little camera capturing anythin' funky happenin up in there. That's a nifty job right there... it's like you're a spy of sorts... spiffy. Moving on, I went out and bought some BERKU chicken to serve for dinner with the guest. Then I did some more stuff and ended up here at 2:42 AM. Nice huh? Fo shizzle.

Current tune: The eerie quietness of the early morning, mixed with distant sounds of snoring, and the humming noise of the laptop fan. And then a motorbike just passed by at high speed, disrupting the masterpiece. For shame...


happy day

currently braindead. Nothing of interest comes to mind... at least none worth jotting down. I'll keep em up 'ere *points at forehead* where they'll be safe and sound.

Happy Friday the 25th of 2008's January! My first and my last... How was it? Hm... it was aight I guess. Done things, regret not doing some things, done stupid things, had to fix those stupid things I managed to do... same old same old. But nontheless.. it shan't be left forgotten. Nay... So just for the sake of dethroning my own thought up there... I'll jot down some random stuff I discovered and pondered about through the course of this lovely day.

I think cars made within the last 5 years are stupid and redundant. BLEGH! At least the ones commercialized like the whores they are. ROTFL. The car that made its way to my family household is part of this oh-so-special bunch condemned by me... but hell, it's all that's available at my disposal so... Whatever... I still despise it. blegh. Then again, it's just a friggin car. Get over it. Great... I've wasted a paragraph talking about floogin cars.

Hear ye, hear ye... extra extra! Cooking Oil prices are up again people! I dunno by how much.. I just know that they are. How do I know? It's part of my weekly chores... buying cooking oil to restock THE store. Yep... I drive up to this place that holds such a special place in my heart (right..) at least once a week to buy oil by the jugs. Sounds fun, does it not? Fo shizzle dizzle. Anyhoo... I just bring the money needed (since no haggling is required) and bring the little babies back home... no questions asked. But yep... prices are up! Same goes for flour and sugar... And the inflation isn't over yet... it'll keep its steady increase. Damn them, whoever they are. ^_^

I contemplated about who and how I am today... but I'll write about that at a later date. This cycle will always be continuous. I'm not too self-absorbant...

Current tune: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Frank Sinatra.

I can't get enough of Franky lately... *sigh* bye bye Murphy... (for now)


"new" year

I drove around town blowing off steam this morning, after giving my dad a ride to the airport. I fully blasted the volume of my stereo, singing... or rather, screaming along with the dudes in the tracks (yep... still with the dropkick fixation). It was a nice morning it was, considering it was only 5 AM and I've barely slept a wink last night. The morning fog and the dew caught on my car's window pane adds the humongous juicy cherry on top...

But then, the scenary that was laid before me when I reached the middle of town totally disrupted the zen I so briefly achieved. *argh* ... the sight of rubbish and junk and residue from the night before decorated roads and street corners. Then, I reached the so-called "bunderan UGM" and holy lack of trashbins batman! there I spy with my two little eyes... lots and lots trash of all shapes, ethnicities, purposes, dimensions, and sizes. Pfft, hell yes. Do people really have to do this? Is it truly necessary for people to celebrate any type of celebrations in such a destructive manner and without any feeling of responsibility of one's own trash? Goodness gracious... This town is full of children that think this whole city is their bedroom which they can freely trash and thrash in all manners possible. Someone need to smack some senses into those little turds. Haha...

happy new years to all those who care! as for me... meh... another day has passed. I don't see what the big deal is... ;p. Big woop...

There, I said it.


Buah hasil dari ke-"tidak bisa tidur"-an

Argh... aku harus tidur. Tetep aja, g bisa tidur. Tidur: susah untuk dimulai dan susah untuk diakhiri. Sungguh menyebalkan.

Wakakaka... aku ingin mencoba menulis sesuatu dengan bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa yang aku paling tidak kuasai diatara 3 bahasa yang aku kuasai. Otakku tak berpikir dengan bahasa ini... harap maklum. Tapi guru Bahasa Cinaku waktu SMP (aku pernah ambil kelas bahasa cina selama satu cawu) pernah berkata, "You know you've mastered a language when you dream in that language" --> "Kau tahu kau menguasai sebuah bahasa jikalau kau bermimpi dalam bahasa itu." Dengan referesi itu (aku kadangkala bermimpi dengan bahasa ini) aku anggap aku bisa aja lah ya... tapi tetep aja... aneh terasa...

Nyambung masukan post sebelumnya... aku lagi kecanduan Dropkick Murphys saat ini. Lagu2 yang, jikalau kau dengarkan musiknya, bikin goyang (halah). Tapi, jika didengarkan lirik2nya, didalamnya terdapat cerita-cerita yang bikin depresi tapi dengan pesan yang lumayan berarti. (duh, bahasa indonesia membuat tulisanku sangat janggal dan aneh... -red). Favoritku saat ini lagu DKM berjudul "The Green Fields of France". Nggak bikin "goyang" sih, tapi liriknya bagus dan Oomnya yang nyanyi suaranya apik ^_^. Mari kita simak sejenak satu verse dari lagu itu:

oh how do you do, young willy mcbride
do you mind if i sit here down by your graveside
and rest for a while in the warm summer sun
i've been walking all day, and im nearly done
and i see by your gravestone you were only nineteen
when you joined the great fallen in 1916
well i hope you died quick and i hope you died clean
oh willy mcbride, was is it slow and obscene

Bagus, bukan? huehue. Paling tidak banyak yang setuju denganku. Tapi tak apa lah, hanya ingin berbagi kesenangan. (?)

Duh, udah ah. Geli lama2 membaca/menulis menggunakan ni bahasa.

Argh! masih belum bisa tidur. Paling2 tar aku tidur di mobil, sembari mendengarkan lagu ini. Tar jam 5 aku (bersama bapakku) akan beranjak ke Salatiga, menuju "kampung halaman" yang tidak pernah aku anggap kampung halaman.

Sampai jumpa!



Here I sit, staring at my laptop, listening to the yummy goodness that is Dropkick Murphys. Then, all of a sudden, a blog is born! *gasp* Why, you ask? I dunno, I guess I just felt like making one. Or maybe, it's my further giving in to my deepening need to conform. Nah, that can't be it. Meh, whatever.
So... I gots me a blog. Now what? *shrugs* Endless fields of nothingness lay before me. Here I am, picking my brain for something to write about, only to find that all the picking are done in vain. *sigh* My brain is one cluttered mess. Access denied.

I am Alfina's inflamed sense of rejection. ^_^'
O well, better luck next time. Long drive tomorrow anyhow, need to get me some shut eye.

This is my life and it's ending one minute at a time.
Props to Chuck!